The Advent of “Survey Says!”

For Christmas in 2011, I asked my Dad for a newspaper subscription. He and my mom are inveterate newspaper readers (they subscribe to at least four), and I had noticed how enjoyable it was when I was visiting to read their papers. So I’ve been a subscriber to USA Today for over a year. Some days I read the whole thing, and other days–er, weeks–the papers stack up and I go for a quick skim before tossing them into the recycling bin.

One of my favorite parts of the paper are the little surveys they have on the main pages, called “USA Snapshots.” I’ve been saving some of these–the ones I find particularly interesting or funny–in order to have a feature on this blog called “Survey Says!” [Nods to Ray Combs.] Here’s a great one to get us started:

Scan 130410004

Now, nothing against Apple. I myself have an iPhone and a Mac. But A YEAR’S WORTH OF FREE FLIGHTS IN THE US? 43% of you are obviously out of your minds. Sure, it’s nice, but iPhones aren’t that cool. I would also give mine up for a two-week cruise or a $500 shopping spree.

Does that make me disloyal? Cheap? Or smart?

I’m going to ask the same question, but with a twist: what wouldn’t you give up your iPhone for?

(My answer: my old flip phone.)

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