Does Salary Show What We Value?

Surveys talking about salary always intrigue me. I’m not quite sure why, although it possibly stems from my father. He used to cut out graphs that showed the average earnings of people with a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, an undergraduate degree, and a master’s or other professional degree. I’m sure he did this to make us value education.

It worked! My brothers and I are all college graduates. (But I will tell you a little secret: that might actually have more to do with my mom, who made sure we had the opportunity to work during potato harvest. There’s nothing like long hours standing on a combine or in front of a conveyor belt looking for vines and dirt clods among the thousands of potatoes sweeping by to make you desire a nice, cushy desk job.)

Anyway, for today’s Survey Says, I thought this was an interesting comparison.

On the one hand, we have average annual public school teacher salaries, which have increased almost $12,000 over the last ten years. Not bad, school teachers. $56k is a fairly decent salary.

Scan 130410018

Howsoever, when we look at the Highest NBA player salaries for 2012-13, we see that Kobe Bryant earns $27,849,149.

Scan 130410019

Is it just me, or is something seriously wrong with this picture? School teachers–who educate our children, the future of our country–make only 0.2% of what an NBA star does. And, granted, these are the highest-paid NBA players . . . but still. The disparity is too much.

I could get on my soap box about this, and point out some of the excesses in society and the upside-downness of what we’re willing to pay for, but I don’t think there’s any need. These numbers speak for themselves.


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